All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions 900% bandwidth from ISA to PCIe speed PICOe-HM650 ISA PCI 33 PCIe x4 Support (16 MB/s) (132 MB/s) (1250 MB/s) 1. Dimensions: 185 mm x 122 mm = All half-size CPU cards Share the same chassis & I/O design = All half-size PCI CPU cards Share all half-size PCI backplanes 1. Four PCI slots and one PCIe x4 or four PCIe x1 lanes 2. PCIe switches and bridges such as PLX or TI solutions Complete PICOe backplane solutions fully support all kinds of chassis and power modes. PICOe is the easiest way to upgrade current systems from slow ISA+PCI architecture to the latest high performance PCIe+PCI solution. Model Name PCI PCIe x4 PCIe x1 PSU Type Note HPE-3S1 2 ATX/AT CPU on R1st HPE-3S2 1 1 ATX/AT CPU on R1st HPE-4S1 3 ATX/AT CPU on R2nd HPE-4S2 2 1 ATX/AT CPU on R2nd HPE-5S1 4 ATX/AT CPU on R2nd HPE-5S2 3 1 ATX/AT CPU on R2nd HPE-5S3 2 0 2 ATX/AT CPU on R2nd HPE-6S1 4 1 ATX/AT CPU on R1st HPE-7S1 4 0 2 ATX/AT CPU on R2nd HPE-8S0 4 0 2 ATX/AT Reserved 1 Slot PCIe has excellent I/O bandwidth and performance Backwards compatible with half-sized CPU cards Backplane design for half-size PCIe CPU cards is easy Same dimensions, backwards compatible but half the size of PCI SBC Higher performance as PCI only solution for the same price PCI PCIe x 4 PCIe to PCI-X PCIe Bridge PCI-X PCIe to PCI PCIe Bridge PCI IEI Patent No CN.: 200986704Y 1990~ 1996~ 2016~ ISA PCISA ISA + PCI PICOe PCI + PCIe x4 PICOe-Intro-2017-V10 The Future of Half-sized CPU Cards PICOe-B650