Optional Peripherals Automation Control Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions ORing Network Communication Network Communication-2017-V10 Ethernet Switch 8G P.S.E. Ports Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch Switch IGPS-9080 Series IGPS-9042GP-24V IGPS-9842GTP Series DGS-R9812GP-AIO_S Gigabit Ethernet Switch ORing Highlight Products Gigabit Ethernet Switch RGPS-R9244GP+-P Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch RGPS-92222GCP-NP Series Layer-3 IEC 61850-3 modular rack mount managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with 4 slots RGS-PR9000 Redundant Power O-Ring: ORing's proprietary redundant ring technology PD: PoE Powered Device PSE: PoE Power Sourcing Equipment Full Gigabit WIFI IP67: Waterproof model RS232/422/485: Serial Port interface SSL: Secure Sockets Layer protocol VPN: Supports VPN for secured network connection Isolation: Serial port with Isolation