w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m Comprehensive quality assurance tests are performed on all IEI products throughout the product development cycle. Quality assurance tests are initiated in the research and development phase of a product and continued all the way to the manufacturing phase. Quality assurance testing throughout the product development cycle ensures that IEI products are able to provide stable performance in the industrial environments they are used. Safety Testing Vibration Testing Power Consumption Testing Thermal Testing Drop Testing IP 65 Testing ESD Testing Temperature Testing NIPPON Neo Thermo TVS-700 Better temperature control guarantees more reliable system operation in the long run. Mini-ITX SBC EPIC SBC 3.5" SBC PICMG 1.3 SBC Infrared thermography detects infrared energy emitted from an object, converts it in to a temperature, and displays an image of the temperature distribution. IEI SBCs operate with minimum difference in surface temperatures on separate sections of the board. Better temperature control guarantees more reliable long term system operation.  Testing results About IEI-2017-V10 Heat sink design and selection are critical. Heat sink performance depends on many variables including air temperature and air flow rate in the immediate vicinity of the heat sink, the strength of other heat conduction paths through components and the board, the contact resistance between the heat sink and the component it is attached to and the radiation path from the heat sink to a cooler surface, among other things. Heat sinks can also have a significant effect on electromagnetic fields. A heat sink that works well in one application may be virtually useless in another.  IEI heat sink features 1. Good aerodynamics IEI heat sinks allow air to flow easily and rapidly through the cooler and reach all the cooling fins. This feature is important for heat sinks with many thin fins. 3. Good mounting method For good thermal transfer, the pressure between the heat sink and the heat source must be high. IEI heat sink clips provide increased pressure at the heat sink's contact area and are easy to install. 2. Perfect flatness of the contact area with IEI new close flatness technology A heat sink's contact area must be perfectly flat. A flat contact area allows the use of a thinner layer of thermal compound that reduces the thermal resistance between the heat sink and the heat source. 4. Good thermal transfer within the heatsink IEI heat sinks are designed for efficient thermal transfer from the heat source to the fins. 20mm IEI P/N:34000-000357-RS Thermal Testing 2 All New Heat Sink Design 3 Reliability Always Matters 4