Optional Peripherals Automation Control Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions ORing Network Communication Network Communication-2017-V10 RDS-P3000 IEC 61850-3 Modular Rack-mount Device Server with 4 Serial Slots and 1 Ethernet Slot Industrial Cellular M2M Gateway with IEEE802.11 a/ b/g/n, 1G PoE P.D. and 2xRS-232 RDS-3166G IMG-W6121+-3G/4G-M12 PoE P.D. Device Server Industrial Cellular M2M Gateway with IEEE 802.11 a/b/ g/n and 1 Port RS-422/485, 1 port RS-232/422/485 & P.D. Device Server Industrial 1-port Modbus Gateway with 1xRS- IDS-322/322+ IDS-M311 PoE P.D. Device Server IDS-342/342+ IDS-312/312+ IMG-6322GT ORing Highlight Products