IEI Smart Factory Solution solution IMBA-Q170-i2 IMBA-BDE family TANK-870-Q170 independent video outputs TANK-6000-C226 Product Selection: HSC-13M-O/HSC-13C4-E High Speed 2D Barcode Reader Supporting remote monitoring and tablets chassis virtualization features Product Selection: Applications Applications IoT High Speed Barcode Reader IoT 1D/2D Barcode Reader Solution runs over an IP network infrastructure enables the decoded images and results to be distributed to any number of sites, within the constraints of available bandwidth. Time Picture Barcode Data Intelligent Gateway Real-time production line status monitoring ITDB barcode reader management Public Cloud QNAP NAS Ubuntu Smart Factory Solution-2017-V10 USB3 Vision camera Series HSC-13M3-O HSC-13C4-E Tablet PC PDA MODAT-532A ICECARE-10W ICEROCK3