Optional Peripherals ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Automation Control Motorcon provide several types of robot controller, including two hardware control and three software control. The software control is similar to HMI that can provide the same operating habit to users. The motion control system of our robot controller has pulse command type and serial communication type. (Standard Version) ABS Encoder Expansion Board Servo Expansion Board I/O Expansion Board J1 ~ J6 Motor Driver J1 J3 J4 J6 SCSI 68-pin Cable DB-9 Cable SCSI 36-pin Cable DB-9 Cable I/O Expansion Board J1 J3 J4 J6 with a high-performance motion card, I/O card and vision card. When executing self-developed programs, the controller ensures real-time robot motion control, and takes expandability and stability into consideration. Motion card IPC Expansion slots Dimensions: 265 mm x 140 mm x 212 mm (D x W x H) Motion Card A/D D/A Card I/O Counter Card Vision Card Automation Control-2017-V10