Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions UHF Metal Asset Tag UHF Tag UHF Jewelry Tag UHF (Heat-resistant) Tag Frequency 860 to 960MHz 860 to 960MHz 860-960 MHz 860-960 MHz RF Air Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2 ISO18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2 ISO18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2 EPC Class1 Gen2 Functionality Read/write Read/write Read/write Read/write Operating Mode Read Distance Up to 10m (read dependent) 8 m 0.3 m 1 m Applications Animal management control Asset tracking, security management Warehouse and retail management, asset Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C -20°C to 65°C (Non-condensing) -40°C to 85°C (120 Short-term) Dimensions 72 mm × 34 mm 64 mm × 7 mm Model Number RFID-TP-D-ST-R10 RFID-VB-D-ST-R10 RFID-AL-D-ST-R10 RFID-HT-D-ST-R10 RFID-GPS-D-ST-R10 RFID-STP-D-ST-R10 RFID-TP-N-ST-R10 Function Temperature sensor tag Vibration sensor tag Ambient light sensor tag Humidity and temperature sensor tag GPS sensor plus data logger sensor tag Accuracy 0.5°C~1.0°C ±3.9mg ±4 LUX Temperature ±0.2°C