All-in-One System Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions PowerSupply/ Peripherals Part No. Description IDD-12250A-R11 50 W+60 W DC/DC 12 V input, 12 V, 5 V & 5VSB output CB-5PSBC-RS 20 cm cable to SBC power input CB-JST3PSW-RS 30 cm cable on/off switch CB-JST3P001-RS 30 cm 5VSB, PS_ON wire to SBC CB-3PSATA-RS 10 cm cable for SATA power CB-3PIDE-RS 10 cm cable for IDE HDD power CB-P1LP4-RS 20 cm cable for FSP0601AD101C 60 W/UP0451E12P 45 W/ UP0251E12PL 25 W AC-DC adapter CB-MD4P4-RS 16 cm cable for 63000-FSP120AAB-RS 120 W AC-DC adapter CB-NOLP4-RS 20 cm cable for terminal block DC input 1 x IDD-12250A 1 x QIG Max. total output: 50 W plus 60 W (12 V pass through) Noise & ripple: