w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m About IEI-2017-V10 IPMI Remote Management in IEI Solution - IPMI 2.0 Compliant Let’s start from IPMI first before we talk about iRIS. IPMI is a standardized computer system interface used by system administrators for out- of band management of computer systems and monitor and control of their operation. It is a way to manage a computer that may be powered off or otherwise unresponsive by using a network connection to the hardware rather than to an operating system or login shell. iRIS is a modularized IPMI product, which is designed and manufactured by IEI company. iRIS is compliant with IPMI 2.0, and supports out-of –band remote management to allow administrators to manage a system remotely in the absence of an operating system or of the system management software. Thus, IPMI functions can work in any kind of scenarios such as: 1. Before an OS has booted 3. After OS or system failure or BSOD 2. When the system is powered off 4. Cross platform and OS independent Using a worldwide standardized IPMI 2.0 interface and protocol allows IEI’s iRIS technology to assist administrators to remotely monitor and manage all IEI iRIS supported devices by group or individual via Internet communication. What is iRIS? Application for iRIS TANK-870 PPC-FXXA-H81 ■ Retail Industry Retail industry relies on software more than pure hardware architecture. Maintenance cost is the highest cost since service location could be everywhere, and any shutdown will cause business lost. Graphics performance with hardware management is the requirement for retail application such as digital signage, vending machine, kiosk, and ATM machine. IEI offers AMD graphics solution with IPMI module to fulfill application needs. ■ Factory Automation Each production line has its own computer systems to do automated control of production processes. Active system alert could help to monitor all systems in production lines with less human resources, and instant notice and detailed event log with screen record could save time for troubleshooting. IEI provides a variety of solutions with iRIS support to save both time and human resources, and achieve less loss in production capacity. IDS-200 PPC-F22A-H81 TANK-6000-C226 Entertainment Bank Factory Transportation Hospital Agriculture Retail