w w w. i ei wor l d.c o m About IEI-2017-V10 Dynamic change output image resolution Image fusion Image uniformity 3D image processing Data encryption and decryption algorithm (AES / 3DES) Gamma Curve Adjustment , Anti-aliasing , Dithering and Color Space Convertor IC/ASIC/FPGA Customization Color Matcher Light Source Box Digital Camera Barcode Reader Resolution Capability Projector Display Color Analyzer Transparency Illuminator Illuminance Spectrophotometer Before original soure: 1080P image Before After LCD FPGA Support multi-video format In order to ensure the quality of all IEI optical products, IEI R&D department has its own optical laboratory, and all optical products are developed and tested in accordance with the standard procedure. Both the optical lens and the camera itself undergo a series of rigorous tests and calibrations, including color balance, contrast and sharpness (by SFR), white balance, gamma correction, dynamic range (DR), distortion, shading, etc. IEI's products give exactly the same output as the original image, achieving the highest level of what you see and what you get. IEI's R&D team has the ability to develop FPGA programs. The FPGA technology is implemented in our video capture card, industrial camera and barcode products to optimize image processing. In addition, Seamless After 3840x2160 FHD 4K Before (sides 66.7%) After (sides 99.9%) Real time Image scaling After 1920x1080