IEIMobile Solutions Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions AUPS IP address Remote control DC output ON/OFF via web interface. Power On/OFF UPS Status Monitoring Email Status Report Battery Capacity Status Click ALARM to get each AUPS status via internet STATUS Send E-mail Network Remote Management Software The remote management software utility and application program allows users to easily get the status of the AUPS and to control the AUPS power functions from anywhere with Internet connection. Meanwhile, IEI also provides AUPS API SDK and command list for customer programming under DOS or Linux system. AUPS API Content Inti() AUPS Close() WriteCommand() ReadCommand() Error Code Definition() AUPS API SDK Battery Monitoring Utility Monitor the Most Critical Battery Functions on the Local Machine that serves as emergency power when you suffer from electric event BATTERY STATUS Real time information updating Battery usage remaining time Battery type Battery capacity bar ABOUT System shuts down condition by battery capacity setting Auto-Scan Connection port AUPS STATUS detection SETTING Battery Status Detection DC Input Detection LAN CONFIGURATION Auto Shutdown Normal Icon DC Input only Capacity 50% Capacity 100% Charging 50% Charging 100% Battery Monitoring Utility Networking Remote Management Management Anywhere Management Software The UPC series products support IEI AUPS products to ensure stable power input. UPC-V315-QM77-2017-V10