Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Industrial System Transportation Series Solution-2017-V10 EN50155 is the standard for electronic equipment used on rolling stock. IEI’s railway system (IRS-100) complies with EN50155 T3 standard and passed tests for vibration, shock, and wide temperature. IRS-100 can run in an extremely hot or cold environment -40°C ~ 70°C. Railway rolling stock is required to meet the requirement of EN50155 for electronic equipment. IRS-100 has wide range of input voltages of 16VDC~160VDC, therefore, uses are able to install variety devices in different railway rolling stock applications. Standard Parameter EN50155 Rolling Equipment Vibration Category < 0.3 kg Shock (half sine) Long. / Trans. / Vert. axis Frequency range 5 - 150 Hz Peak acceleration 5 g / 2 g / 1 g Acceleration 5 g Duration 50 ms / 20 ms / 20 ms Nominal Input 24V 37.5V 48V 72V 96V 110V Input Range (0.7-1.25 Vin) 17-30V 26-47V 34-60V 50-90V 67-120V 77-137V Brownout 100ms (0.6xVin) 14V 22V 29V 43V 58V 66V Transient 1s (1.4xVin) 34V 61V 67V 101V 135V 154V Generic Standards EN 50121-3 and -4 EN 50155 Radio electrical conducted emission 30MHz 30 - 80 MHz 80 - 230 MHz 230 - 1,000 MHz EN55022 EN55011 EN55011 level class B : Level: Electrostatic discharge immunity (Internal) EN61000-4-2 or IEC-801-2 Level: 6KV contact cond. B Level: 8KV air cond. B (80 - 1,000 MHz) EN61000-4-3 or IEC-801-3 EN50140 Level: 10V/m condition A Level: 20V/m condition A Level: 10V/m Level: 20V/m Fast transient/burst immunity (DC power port and I/O ports) EN61000-4-4 or IEC-801-4 Level: 0.5KV condition A Level: 2KV condition A Level: 2KV Surge immunity EN61000-4-5 or IEC-801-5 Level: 2KV condition B Impedance 42 Ohm Level: 1.8 KV Conducted distustances induced by radio (DC power port and I/O port) EN50141 or EN61000-4-6 or EN50121-4 Level: 3V condition A Modulation 80% AM Impedance 150 0hm Level: 10V condition A EN61000-4-10 Level: 30A/m condition B Standard EN50155 T1 EN50155 T2 EN50155 T3 EN50155 TX Internal Cabinet Temperature Range -25°C - +55°C -40°C - +55°C -25°C - +70°C -40°C - +70°C