w w w. i ei wor l d.c o m About IEI-2017-V10 System Thermal Test Test Condition: test temperature is 50°C, Test Humidity: 95% Type K thermocouple Agilent 34970A-Data Acquisition/Switch Unit Against to each testing point, we detected the temperature of system to show the overheat. It reveals how the rugged system we support for user, adapting in wide range temperature situation and application. Keypad Life Test/Touch Panel Tap Test Press the keypad button and taps the touch panel 1,000,000 times using a test fixture. Measures the force and pressure of the keypad button and touch panel to observe potential damage. Example: Front panel customization according to expansion adaptor selections Front panel smapling by in-house CNC in 2 days Touch Panel Scratch Test Ensures the touch panel resists deformation, surface defects, color- off, spots and scratches by testing the surface 15000 times. I/O Connector and Connector Rubber Insert/ Remove Test Ensures the I/O function by testing 5000 times. Sunshine Super Long-life Weather Meter Simulates sunlight environments to estimate the lifespan of the materials. PPC-5152-D525 AFL-19i-HM55 AFL-07A-LX