All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Industrial Computing Solutions Video Capture Solutions AOI: Automatic PCB inspection Alignment Pattern matching Packing inspection Surface/Appearance inspection Factory automation Quality inspetion Robot guidance and checking orientation of components resolution is from 0.3 megapixels to 4.2 megapixels. IEI will continue to develop higher resolution and faster frame rate of mono, color series camera in the future. In the development process, both the optical lens and camera are proven by a series of tests, including calibration, SFR/MTF, contrast and the original image, achieving the highest level of what you see and what you get. Product Design and Product Quality The USB3 Vision guarantees data delivery and has key reliability features such as retransmission and error checking capabilities. Each IEI USB 3.0 camera is designed with a frame buffer which can prevent the camera from dropping frames no matter in image processing or in image transfer through USB 3.0. Besides, the signal integrity The best recommendation is to integrate IEI camera, USB3 cable, and IEI industrial motherboard (IMBA-Q170-i2 or IMBA-H110) or embedded system (TANK-870 series) into one reliable system. These high-performance products can help you build a high- speed inspection application with both high bandwidth and low lantency. Reliability USB 3.0 IEI cameras are designed using FPGA architecture to offer real-time image processing. IEI has the ability on FPGA programming and algorithm design, and is able to provide customization for ODM customers. resource usage and achieve the shortest possible inspection cycles. IEI FPGA Customized Programming Ability In the product mechanical design, we share the same tooling in the production line to reduce the maintenance cost. We also the ball head, 3-way pan/tilt head or tripod head. To increase the robustness of the USB3 cable interface, the USB3 cable connector is designed to secure with screw. Mechanical Flexible Design USB3 Vision and GenICam deliver users with stability and low latency values during image transfer and controlling of cameras. 100% standards compliant - helping you integrate quickly and get your application to market faster. You can upgrade GigE Vision camera to IEI USB3 Vision camera directly when you need higher resolution & frame rate. You GenICam standard. IEI software development kit. USB3 Vision & GenICam IEEE1394 Driver CAMERA L i n k GiGE V I S I O N CoaXPress Common APIs IEI Viewer IEI Tools Industrial Camera-2017-V10