IEI Smart Factory Solution MES MES Software System Solution Most manufacturing industries require a lot of labor work in production, production line and equipment management, and production data problem to many manufacture-based enterprises. and equipment availability. MES Data Interface ERP Other IT Systems management Production Management technical process verification, production progress monitoring, production record. Quality Control collection and quality analysis report production Production record Products are effectively recorded during production with traceability to to their in-process quality analysis, installed parts and components, suppliers and customers, and transportation methods. assigned to the material to accelerate information collection and accuracy in the production process. scheduling and management to generate real-time data regarding schedule accomplishment rate, quality report, and production. production line. ensure the correct version is in place. monitor equipment status, and provide equipment parameters. production pace. manage product quality analysis. Information analysis Automatic Electronic SOP ID creation monitoring Robotic arm Quality management TANK-870-Q170 cards TVS-ECx80U-SAS Series Product Selection TANK Series and QNAP NAS Applications Smart Factory Solution-2017-V10