IEI Smart Transportation Solution Smart Transportation Solution-2017-V10 Public transportation system includes taxi, bus, truck, and railway. IEI offers the IRS Series for public transport, especially for rolling stock application. The IRS Series is compliant with EN50155 standard and equipped with M12 connectors to enhance shock and vibration resistance for public transit operation. The IRS Series combines passenger information system (PIS), network video recorder (NVR) for surveillance and data transmission for remote control into one powerful, integrated system. The common bridge systems usually need to collect and analyze many observation data, including anemometer stations, speed logs, weather condition and GPS signal. A powerful and reliable system is necessary for handling these complicated data. IEI marine computer and embedded box possess high performance CPU with reliable fanless design to overcome the ruggedized marine environment. Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) for public transport consists of ticket vending machines and automatic gate machines. In this application, IEI offers the TANK-600 series which has multiple COM ports for connecting between data terminal equipment and data communication equipment. The TANK-600 series can fulfill user’s demand to connect a large number of ticket vending machines and gate machines, giving customers a whole new experience of AFC. For large cruise ship, there are an amount of information displayed at open deck areas. The marine monitor possesses many sophisticated features, including IP 66 dust- and water-proof front panel, wide-range operating temperatures, multi-point capacitive touch, wide viewing angles and OSD control, providing a good visual experience toward customers and sailors. Public Transportation Application Integration of Multiple Systems on Bridge Automatic Fare Collection Application The Application of Signage at Open Deck Marine System Solutions