Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution IEIMobile Solutions Automation Panel Solutions Versatile mounting methods provide customers a secure way to settle the instrument. We provide three different mounting kits for customers, which include stand, ceiling mount kit and panel mount kit. The IEI marine products equips with two VGA inputs and two DVI inputs. VGA is designed for the old ships while DVI is designed for the new ones. Additionally, in order to prevent failure of the main system, dual video input design is provided for much more reliability. Hence, operation will not be terminated due to switching between systems VGA output port features display cascade function, providing a convenient way to duplicate display signal. This function helps customers to connect devices quickly and easily. It is essential to show the same displays to captains and pilots through the monitors which are usually cascaded at the ship bridge. The marine monitor equips both VGA input and VGA output. By connecting the VGA-out of the first monitor to the VGA-in of the second monitor, the IEI marine monitors feature group display with maximum up to 16 screens in the group. To comply with the ECDIS regulation, adjusting the brightness and contrast on all monitors at the same time is necessary, and this can be achieved through the Ethernet or serial COM ports. LAN is used to communicate in long distance in the group; as for short distance, COM port is the best choice. The LAN port can also be used for VGA/DVI Input VGA for Old Boats DVI for New Boats Dual Video Input Support Redundant VGA & DVI System System (Backup) Ceiling Mount Panel Mount Stand Alone A B SBOX LAN Up to 16 Units VGA to deliver image RS-422/485 RS-232 LAN SxxM Access Point SxxM SxxM Marine Monitor-2017-V10