All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions Backplane SPE-4S SPE-6S SPE-9S SPXE-14S Total Slot 4 6 7 14 PCIe x16 x8 2 (x16 connector) 1 (x16 connector) 1 (x16 connector) x4 1 5 3 x1 12 PCI-X PCI 3 PSU Type 24+4-pin ATX 24+4-pin ATX 24+4-pin ATX 24+8-pin ATX Chassis Option PAC-106G PAC-1000G PAC-106G PAC-1000G PAC-125G RACK-305G RACK-360G RACK-3000G Selection Guide PAC series wall-mount chassis 4U rack-mount chassis Ordering Information SPE-4S-R10 4-slot PICMG 1.3 backplane with two PCIe x16 slots (x8 signal) and one PCIe x4 slot PAC-106G 6-slot full-size compact chassis PAC-1000G 6-slot full-size compact chassis PICMG 1.3-Server-BP1-2017-V10 Server grade backplane accommodates PCIe x8 and multiple PCIe x4 add-on cards. It is specially designed for intensive data transfer applications such as server data storage and any application that requires more than one PCIe x4 or four PCIe x1 cards. Given the multiple PCIe x4 and x1 support, it provides a more cost effective solution for end- users by reducing the number of systems required. Backplane Total PCIe PSU Type Chassis Option Slot x16 x8 x4 x1 PCI-X PCI SPE-4S 4 - 2 (x16 connector) 1 - - 24+4-pin ATX PAC-106G, PAC-1000G SPE-6S 6 - 5 - - - 24+4-pin ATX PAC-106G, PAC-1000G SPE-9S 7 - 1 (x16 connector) 3 3 24+4-pin ATX PAC-125G SPXE-14S 14 - 1 (x16 connector) - 12 - - 24+4-pin ATX RACK-305G, RACK-360G, RACK-3000G System Solution for options Server Grade Backplane Example Corresponding Model SPE-4S SPE-9S SPE-6S SHB x8 x8 x4 SHB x4 x8 x4 x4 SHB x4 x4 x4 x4 x4 SPE-4S-R10 Server Grade