Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution IEIMobile Solutions Automation Panel Solutions For industrial and commercial applications, color rendering accuracy and consistency are absolutely essential. The human eye is generally likely to be impacted by environment and misled presentation of colors in the brain. The maritime environment is much more ruggedized compared with general industrial environment. The requirements for the degree of light and dark and color of accuracy are more stringent. Color calibration technology ensures that monitor would effectively show the largest accuracy and minimum deviation of artificial color. IEI marine monitors and panel PCs follow the IEC 61174 ECDIS regulation. It is performed by monitoring up to N checkpoints and measuring the color and brightness of the display. will be stored in the firmware of monitor. The monitors (PPCs) compliant with ECDIS specifications will provide a more safe and secure maritime environment. The lightness is a crucial factor to sailing safety. IEI provides an option for optical bonding between touchscreen and LCD panel. The light transmitting between various medias could produce reflection. Traditionally, there is an air gap between touchscreen and LCD panel, which could reflect light seriously. It could affect the sailing security tremendously. Adding optical bonding material between touchscreen and LCD panel can improve reflection effectively and increase brightness by 10%. Furthermore, it not only increases hardness of touchscreen but also reduces power consumption. Improving the viewing experience Increase contrast ratio by 400% in sunlight Increase brightness by 10% Increasing the display ruggedness Increase the falling ball impact resistance by up to 3 times Reduced power consumption Display Protective Overlay Air Gap Optical Bonding Material 4% 4% 4% The marine monitor series possesses many sophisticated features that fit with practical marine environment, including front panel IP 66 dust- and water-proof level, wide-rang operating temperatures, multi-point capacitive touch, wide viewing angles and OSD control. Especially, optical bonding is a good choice for the use of high brightness environments. Versatile mounting ways offer customers flexible methods in accordance with different operating environments. Marine Monitor-2017-V10 The auto-dimming function could slightly modify LCD brightness according to ambient light. To consider the safety of navigation and operators’ eye comfort, both LCD brightness and OSD brightness are designed to be programmable.