IEIMobile Solutions Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEI is dedicated to developing impeccable industrial panel PC products.The PPC and PPC-F series industrial panel PCs not only keep rugged design of IP65 protection but also enrich aesthetic experience by implementing the seamless mounting method. The projected capacitive touch option is added to these new series of products to provide up to 2 points multi-touch solution! Additionally, we also provide high performance H81 series and low power consumption Bay Trail series to meet customers’ requests. The PPC-F series aims at slim and compact design. Therefore, this new series makes a huge improvement in mechanical design to achieve the goal. To enhance aesthetic experience in industrial automation applications, the depth of the front bezel of the PPC-F is only 8mm to minimize the gap between the wall and the system in wall/panel mounting, which is neat and simple during integration. The PPC series supports 2-point projected capacitive touch, enhancing smooth operations! IEI also provides 12” to 24” resistive single type and projected capacitive type touchscreen options to enrich simple and intuitive user experience. PPC-5150A-H61 309 x 410 mm PPC-F15A-H81 262.2 x 322.2 mm PPC-F15A-H81 vs.PPC-5150A-H61 41% thinner on depth 17% lighter 65.5mm 110.5mm 5.8 KG 7 KG Going big is the market trend on industrial panel PC and monitor products. Thus, IEI launches new PPC-F series industrial panel PC. Users can enjoy high quality graphics and enriched data display at the same time from FHD panels. The PPC-F series equipped with projected capacitive touchscreen uses 6H hardness vandal proof strengthened glass to prevent damages from physical impact. Designed for harsh environments, the PPC-F series provides front bezel IP65 protection to resist dust and water jet. FHD 8mm PPC-F-Intro-2017-V10