Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution IEIMobile Solutions Automation Panel Solutions In order to keep the front panel simple and clean, the membrane possibility to adjust the setting accidentally. IEI SmartOSD is a proprietary On-Screen-Display (OSD) software solution that enables easy remote monitor setting adjustments in when adjusting a monitor. SmartOSD also allows monitor settings such as brightness, contrast, screen position, size, and color gain to base). 4.0/98/2000/2003/XP/Vista Distance, location and multiple display units no longer present obstacles when controlling the monitors with the SmartOSD. Multiple Control Displays IEI LCD monitors are implemented with the VESA DDC/CI protocol and standard VESA Monitor Control Command Set (MCCS). Compliance software for designing displays compatible with VESA’s DDC/CI and MCCS standards are Various Remote Management Functions EDID contains basic information about the monitor and its capabilities Brightness Contrast Sharpness Phase Clock Color Temperature Gamma PIP On/Off PIP Input Source PIP Size Monitor Power Control Auto Brightness Main Source Input Volume Misc (Factory Reset/OSD Mute 1.EDID 2.Image Setting 3.Display Setting 4.Color Setting 5. Picture in Picture Setting 6. System Setting 7.Monitor Power Management and File Saving Monitor Select Selects the monitor unit for which the system parameters will be adjusted Settings Saving functions as .dat files and load the settings Power Management Setts the monitor power on/off by time and week VGA~30m DVI~10m VESA DDC / CI Protocol Directly controls IEI display device through standard video cables ! Local Control System Monitor-Intro-2017-V10