All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Industrial Computing Solutions Video Capture Solutions IoT High Speed 2D Barcode Reader ITDB-100 Series Support remote monitoring and control via Android phones and tablets Connection I/O interface: USB, Ethernet TCP/IP Support hardware and software trigger modes, both with one shot, series shot, batch and presentation options exposure, gain and brightness options supported LED: External / Internal Image: Capture Image Format: BMP Region of Interest setting Firmware upgradable via USB / Ethernet ยป Decode Timeout / Decode Interval Front View DC In Ethernet Micro USB Trigger Button 6-pin Connector for Trigger Connection Rear View The bottom surface of the ITDB-100 Series contains four retention screw holes for the mounting bracket. Bottom View Illumination LEDs Lens Illumination LEDs Lens ITDB-100L Front ITDB-100HD Front ITDB-100HD Front ITDB-100 Series-2017-V10 system that runs over an IP network infrastructure enables the decoded images and results to be distributed to any number of sites (e.g. QNAP NAS, Android tablet or phone and Windows PC), within the constraints of available bandwidth. With the TCP interface supported by the ITDB Time Picture Barcode data Intelligent Gateway Real-time production line status monitoring ITDB barcode reader management MODAT-531 ICECARE-10W ICEROCK3 Public Cloud (QNAP NAS, Azure, Amazon) QNAP NAS Wi-Fi Private Cloud Ubuntu Tablet PC PDA