IEIMobile Solutions Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions On Screen Display (OSD) offers customers a quick way to modify the LCD brightness. In contrary to traditional tuner, the full flat OSD design not only features beautiful outward appearance but also improves the shortcoming of dust accumulation in physical button. The lockable HDMI cable design not only increase reliability but also reduces the possibilities of accidental human errors. Therefore, important information could be displayed continuously. The IEI marine products provide capacitive multi-touch up to 10 points (2-point on 24” model). In practical applications, 10-point touch can simulate engine button and pump switch so that there will be less real buttons. This can enhance the reliability of marine infrastructure. 2H 3H 5H 6H 7H 8H 10H Typical Panel Fingernail Knife Steel Quartz Beryl Diamond MOH’s Hardness Rating 6H 10-point Touch for S19M 6H 2-point Touch for S24M Picture-in-Picture function offers high efficiency to surveillance. You can monitor the radar information and observe surveillance video simultaneously. Simply connect BNC camera to BNC input port and link DVR to BNC output port. Therefore, you can monitor and record at the same time, and the record can be saved for further use. BNC Camera Bridge Control There are usually two systems - one master for use, and one slave for backup. IEI provides isolated redundant power, which means you will have separate power inputs, including AC source and DC source. When AC source is terminated, the DC source will continue to supply power to the device. Isolated Redundant Power AC power for main source 18 V~36 V DC for UPS power External Lead-acid Battery AC Power Input Marine Monitor-2017-V10 Main Channel Sub Channel VGA1 VGA2 DVI1 DVI2 CVBS1 VGA1 X X X X VGA2 X X X X DVI1 X X X X DVI2 X X X X CVBS1 X X X X X PIP Matching Table