w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m About IEI-2017-V10 iMAN Utility • KVM support with iRIS-2400 • Support Windows® operating system • Free offer in each product with IPMI function • Group monitoring and power control Device status Device information Group monitoring and power control Software setting iRIS Key Features • Hardware monitor • Health log record & diagnosis • Event log record & diagnosis QRM+ • Remote KVM solution for IPMI • Remote KVM recording and playback • Device discovery and topology • Web-based management Customizable Dashboards QPulse Topology QPulse KVM Playback • Fan control • Remote KVM • Remote BIOS setting • Remote, Cycling, Scheduling power turn On/Off control • Remote software update • Remote OS installation & recovery • Remote KVM • POST code display QNAP Industrial NAS ICECARE-10W (Mobile POS) Data monitor Operating record Multiple user access Live video streaming Video streaming • Remote video streaming record • Event trigger setting & video record SNMP Trap Alert email SMS SMS Server SMTP Server • Instant system alert email • Instant system alert SMS » Diagnose: Check system health, event log & POST code » Update: Remote firmware update » Recover: Remote OS installation & recovery Diagnose Update Recover • Software update • OS installation & recovery • KVM over IP • POST code display • Reset system • Power off system – Immediately / Orderly • Power on system • Power cycle system • Group power control TANK-860 Remote Troubleshooting System Health Monitor & Diagnosis Remote Device Control Active Alert & Notice Remote Software Update Power Control Screen Record