w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m Intel® Skylake Porject Project Form Factor IPMI Solution SPCIE-C2360-i2 PICMG 1.3 iRIS-2400 PCIE-Q170-i2 PICMG 1.3 iRIS-2400 IMBA-C236-i2 ATX iRIS-2400 IMBA-Q170-i2 ATX iRIS-2400 Intel® Broadwell-DE Project IMBA-BDE ATX iRIS-2500 (on board) Intel® Haswell Projects SPCIE-C2260-i2 PICMG 1.3 iRIS-2400 PCIE-Q870-i2 PICMG 1.3 iRIS-2400 IMBA-C2260-i2 ATX iRIS-2400 IMBA-Q870-i2 ATX iRIS-2400 IMB-Q870-i2 microATX iRIS-2400 IMB-H810-i2 microATX iRIS-2400 KINO-DQM871-i1 Mini-ITX iRIS-1010 NANO-QM871-i1 EPIC iRIS-1010 WAFER-ULT/ULT2-i1 3.5" iRIS-1010 Intel® Bay Trail KINO-ABT-i2 Mini-ITX iRIS-2400 NANO-BT-i1 EPIC iRIS-1010 WAFER-BT-i1 3.5" iRIS-1010 AMD R-series KINO-DA750-i2 Mini-ITX iRIS-2400 KINO-AA750-i2 Mini-ITX iRIS-2400 AMD G-series Project Form Factor IPMI Solution KINO-KBN/SE-i2 Mini-ITX iRIS-2400 NANO-KBN/SE-i1 EPIC iRIS-1010 WAFER-KBN-i1 3.5" iRIS-1010 Embedded Box IDS-200-i2 AMD R-series (A70) iRIS-2400 TANK-6000 Intel® Haswell (C226) iRIS-2400 (on board) TANK-760 Intel® Haswell (HM86) iRIS-2400 TANK-870 Intel® Skylake (Q170) iRIS-2400 TANK-860 Intel® Haswell (HM86) iRIS-2400 TANK-801 Intel® Bay Trail (J1900) iRIS-2400 DRPC-120 Intel® Bay Trail (E3845) iRIS-2400 SBOX-QM87 Intel® Haswell (QM87) iRIS-2400 ECN-380 Intel® Haswell (QM87) iRIS-1010 ECW-281B-BTi Intel® Bay Trail (J1900) iRIS-1010 Panel PC PPC-FxxA-H81 Intel® Haswell (H81) iRIS-2400 PPC-FxxA-BT Intel® Bay Trail (J1900) iRIS-2400 PPC-FXXB-BT Intel® Bay Trail (J1900) iRIS-2400 POC-W22A-H81 Intel® Haswell (H81) iRIS-2400 SxxA-QM87 Intel® Haswell (QM87) iRIS-2400 About IEI-2017-V10 SPI (F/W update) SPI (F/W update) Debug Port Debug Port iRIS-1010 iRIS-2400 ● User Management IPMI based user management Added security with SSL (HTTPS) Multiple user permission level Multiple user profiles ● Web-based Configuration Full configuration using web UI Fail-safe firmware upgrade Multi-language support in Web interface ● Dimensions (L x W) 68mm x 40mm (iRIS-2400) 30mm x 30mm (iRIS-1010) ● Weight (NW) 12g (iRIS-2400) 4g (iRIS-1010) ● IPMI 2.0 Based Management BMC stack with a full IPMI 2.0 implementation Customizable sensor management ● OS Platform Independent ● Hardware Health Monitor System/CPU temperature Fan speeds Voltage Chassis intrusion Power supply failed FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) ● Event Log BIOS event Hardware health monitor event Sensor readings ● Notifications Email alerts SNMP traps  ● LDAP Support Direct LDAP support from the device Open LDAP (Generic LDAP) supported ● Media Redirection Simultaneous floppy, Hard disk or USB and CD or DVD redirection Efficient USB 2.0 based CD/DVD redirection with a typical speed of 20XCD Support for USB key Completely secured (Authenticated or Encrypted) remote KVM or virtual media ● Remote Power Control Remote power control Keyboard, Video & Mouse (KVM) over IP (iRIS-2400 only) Serial over LAN (SOL) iRIS Series  Easy to Install  Specifications ■ iRIS-2400 slot (90°) ■ iRIS-2400 slot (180°) ■ iRIS-1010 slot As mentioned in the introduction, more and more devices need to be organized by a smart way. iRIS module is able to support a variety of working environments, and to run in different operating systems. Moreover, iRIS solution can not only help you to manage devices, but also bring more convenience into your business for increasing working efficiency and reducing system failure probability. Conclusion IEI iRIS Solution