w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m DIO Easy digital I/O configuration Watchdog Timer Trouble free watchdog timer testing Fan Dynamic fan speed monitoring, control and alert limit setting Temp. Sensors CPU + System temperature monitoring and alert limit setting Remote Power On/Off Remotely turn off iSMM+ supported system and turn on system which supports remote wake-up Beep/Save/Load Flexible user profile retrieval and beep function setting Event List Clear list for abnormal events with event name, event status and 1st generation time Smart Fan Control Advanced fan setting for both CPU and system smart fan Temp. CPU + System temperature monitoring Fan Dynamic fan speed control Voltage Real-time voltage alarm DIO Easy digital I/O configuration WDT Trouble free watchdog timer testing Save/Load Flexible user profile retrieval About IEI-2017-V10 iSMM+ Interface iSMM Interface 1. Temperature monitoring and alert limit value setting 2. Fan speed control 3. Watchdog timer setting 4. DIO setting 5. Smart fan control 6. Event page 7. iSMM+ setup  Local/Remote Management Full graphical user interface Real-time access system Efficient API functions