Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution IEIMobile Solutions Automation Panel Solutions IEI offers complete robust panel solutions for harsh industrial environments. The product portfolio varies from sizes and performance. To catch the wave of cloud computing and intelligent solutions, IEI introduces the iRIS remote management solution to enhance efficiency for system integration. With all these benefits, IEI is your solid solution for industrial computing. The Next Era IoT Panel PC Solution Front IP66 PPC Flexible PCI/PCIe Card Expansion IP66 Front Protection Wide Operating Temperature from -10°C to 50°C Versatile Mounting Methods Full Flat PPC Flat Bezel Design iRIS Remote Management Soultion 6H PCAP Multi-touch or Resistive Touch Window Flexible PCIe Mini Card Expansion AC/DC Power Input IP65 Front Protection Size Intel® Atom™ N2600 Intel® Bay Trail Intel® H61 Intel® H81 5.7” PPC-F06B-BT 8.4” PPC-3708A-N26 PPC-F08B-BT 10.4” PPC-F10B-BT 12” PPC-3712A-N26 PPC-F12B-BT 15” PPC-F15B-BT PPC-5150A(D)-H61 PPC-F15A(D)-H81 17” PPC-F17B-BT PPC-5170A(D)-H61 PPC-F17A(D)-H81 19” PPC-F19B-BT PPC-5190A(D)-H61 22” PPC-F22A(D)-H81 24” PPC-F24A(D)-H81 Solutions Marine Series UPC Series INOX Series Size Intel® QM87 (PPC) Monitor Embedded Box Intel® Atom™ D525 Intel® QM77 Intel® Skylake ULT Intel® Skylake ULT 12” SBOX-100-QM87 UPC-V312-D525 UPC-F12A-ULT3 15” UPC-V315-QM77 INOX-F15C-ULT3 19” S19A-QM87 S19M-AD 24” S24A-QM87 S24M-AD IP69K Stainless Steel PPC SUS304 stainless steel Housing Fanless system with Intel skylake ULT Processor IP69K rated with M12 connectors Full IP65 PPC Rugged Aluminum Die-casting Body Redundant Dual DC Power Input Wireless Function Full IP65 Dust/Water Proof HMI Automation Hazardous Locations Food Processing PPC-F-Intro-2017-V10