IEI smart retail solution combines PSI, kiosk and digital signage solutions to provide high quality customer service and experience. The PSI system, along with database and the unique web-based product status monitor interface, provides real-time status update and monitor by integrating the UHF RFID technology for reading RFID tags. Therefore, the PSI system can immediately monitor and update information in the database, and the system is able to analyze customers' behavior in order to provide better product and service to customers. ERP Data Integration (Database/Web Interface) Roll Data/ Command (IEI) RFID Tag UHF RFID Antenna IVS-200 ICEROCK 3 ICECARE-10W MODAT-532A Terminal Cloud Computing Sensor Layer Service Layer Application Layer IEI Smart Retail Solution Procurement-Sales-Inventory System Smart Retail Solution-2017-V10