Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution IEIMobile Solutions Automation Panel Solutions USB 3.0 – Faster Data Transmission USB 3.0 has higher transmission speed and wider data bandwidth, supporting faster transferring for the user. USB Version USB 1.0 USB 2.0 USB 3.0 Data Transfer Rate) 12Mbps 480Mbps 5Gbps Media (Data Size) Transfer Time Song / Pic (4 MB) 5.3 sec 0.1 sec 0.01 sec HD-Movie (25GB) 9.3 hr 13.9 min 70 sec IP Protection Improvement The PPC series is equipped with robust front panel for water protection and tightly front assembly against the intrusion from any direction. IP Code Table The IP Code (International Protection Rating) consists of the letters IP followed by two digits. Solids Liquids First Numeral Second Numeral No Protection 0 0 No Protection Objects Greater than 50mm 1 1 Vertically Dripping Water Objects Greater than 12mm 2 2 75º-90º Sprayed Water Objects Greater than 2.5mm 3 3 30º-90º Sprayed Water Objects Greater than 1.0mm 4 4 Water sprayed-low Pressure Dust-Protected 5 5 Water jets-low Pressure Dust-Tight 6 6 Water Jets-high Pressure 7 Temporary Immersion 8 IP66 Dust and Water Resistant The PPC-5150A-H61/ PPC-5170A-H61 and UPC-V315 supports wide operating temperature, surviving from any kinds of harsh environment. SFP Fiber LAN Transmission Distance Type Core Diameter Wavelength (nm) Cost Max. Distance (km) Single-Mode 8 to 10 1310 or 1550 More expensive 120 Multi-Mode 50 or 62.5 850 or 1300 Medium 2 RJ-45 N/A N/A Cheaper 0.1 The small form-factor pluggable transceiver (SFP) is a compact, hot-pluggable transceiver used for both telecommunication and data communication applications. Immunity to electromagnetic interference High electrical resistance No sparks Long transmission distance – up to 2 km (multi-mode)/120 km (single-mode) Multiple choices We provide two transmission LAN types for choice, either 2 × Fiber LAN or 2 × RJ-45. Fiber LAN RJ-45 Transmission distance up to 120 km PPC Series PPC-Intro-2017-V10