All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions IEI provides various sizes of embedded boards from Pico-ITX (100mm x 72mm) to 5.25" SBC and can meet different applications involving data etc. IEI embedded boards are all with rich rear I/O and multiple I/O expansion options. IEI also provides suitable chassis for our embedded boards, you can easily build feature-rich embedded systems for industrial, medical, military, transportation, and commercial applications. advantages and meet the needs of different applications. form factor CPU boards on customers' requirements cables and shared chassis surface easy chassis design design Embedded Boards-Intro-2017-V10 Pico-ITX PC/104 3.5" EPIC 5.25" / EBX 100 x 72mm 96 x 90mm 146 x 102mm 165 x 115mm 203 x 146mm PM series NANO series NOVA series Ultra compact mainboard form factor for a small footprint Embedded PCs, Systems and Appliances ECN uIBX Embedded System ECN-380 ECN-360A ECN-581A uIBX-230 Model NANO-QM871 NANO-QM770 NANO-CV-D25502 NANO-PV-D5251 EBC Embedded System EBC-2200 EBC-2100 EBC-2102 EBC-1100 Model NANO-BT-i1 NANO-QM871-i1 NANO-LX NANO-PV-D5251