All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Industrial Computing Solutions Video Capture Solutions IEI video capture products are compatible with most of the industrial motherboards and server motherboards. There are a lot of Linux versions in the world. IEI can help to provide correct drivers for you to use IEI video capture products. Furthermore, IEI can offer you the encoder system or solution. IEI hardware compression video capture cards offer an industry-leading low power consumption at full HD encoding with high picture quality. IEI HDC series products support frame processing of full HD video at 60p (1920*1080) to further improve picture quality and compress video in the H.264 format in real-time. IEI UHDC series products support frame processing of 4K video at 60p (3840*2160) and compress video in HEVC format in real-time. These products enable recording and streaming video with high quality in the application of video streaming, broadcasting, distance education, operating room and game recording. Saving around 99% of movie storage space HD video/audio media data can occupy huge storage capacity. For example, an uncompressed full HD video with -bitrate of 1920x1080@60 fps (RGB 8-bit color) occupies about 373 MB/s (2.99 Gbps) of storage. With the IEI HDC series capture cards, HD data could be compressed 1920 x 1080 x 3 (R.G.B.) x 60 frame/sec. = 373.248 MByte Compressed video with encoding -bit rate range from 30 Mbps to 2 Mbps (3.75MB to 0.25MB) Un- compressed Compressed Encoding Bit Rate 373 MB 0.25 MB (min.) 1 MB 2 MB 3.75 MB (max.) 1 TB HDD Capacity 0.75 hr 1108 hrs 277 hrs 139 hrs 74 hrs 30-minute Full HD Video Recording 671 GB 450 MB 1.8 GB 3.6 GB 6.75 GB Take 30-minute full HD video recording as an example. The uncompressed video is 671 GB, while the compressed video encoding with 0.25 MB (2 Mbps) -bit rate is only 450 MB. 671 GB VS 450 MB An educational model is that the student and the teacher are in locations different from one another while the instruction is taking place. Ideal for this kind of education, the capture cards allow real- time capture or composition of two input sources, typically a live instruction with a powerpoint presentation. Distance Education/Training The broadcasting of sport/game events is the coverage of sports/games as a television program. Spectators can engage in live conversations using broadcasting media. Through HD capture and broadcast, there is no virtually impact on the sport/ game performance. Sport/Game Broadcasting more informative and communicative broadcasting program that improve transport outcomes such as transport safety, transport productivity, travel or transportation is getting popular since wireless environment is getting mature. Capture Card Solutions-2017-V10