Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution IEIMobile Solutions Automation Panel Solutions The PPC-F supports iEi iRIS remote management, which helps users to manage multiple devices through single management interface and elevates work efficiency. iRIS solution only requires a module and Internet connection! (For PPC-F H81 & PPC-F 12B/15B/17B only) The 80-plus silver power supply is implemented into the PPC-F H81 series, which reduces power loss and increases efficiency during power transition. With the certified power supply, the power transition between AC source and DC source couldmaintain up to 85% efficiency, and the power loss is only 15% or less. For customers, the high efficiency of power transition could reduce not only cost but also heat loss.. Furthermore, it could make a friendly environment. (For PPC-F H81 series only) Users can remotely power on/off all the iRIS devices and set up power cycle to simplify power control process. With remote troubleshooting everywhere, there is no need to send out maintenance staff anymore! Parameters Loading Gold Silver Bronze 80 Plus 20% 87% 85% 82% 80% 50% 90% 88% 85% 80% 100% 87% 85% 82% 80% Power Factor 50% 90% (across the full range) 90% (@100% Load) Unify industrial automation process through a simple setting! ON OFF Complete IoT Solution! iRIS Solution QNAP NAS System sends alert by email/ SMS to designated members when error happens Real-time record main screen video for trouble diagnosis Maintainers can troubleshoot the error through remote KVM Automatic Error Alert Video Streaming and Record Remote Troubleshooting Save labor cost & improve Internet ON OFF Two PCIe Mini Cards MPCIE-LAN-R10 MPCIE-3G-R10 WIFI-RT3593-DB-R10 WiFi Module LAN Module 3G Module USB3.0 Module Capture Card Module MPCIE-USB3-R10 IVCME-C604 Two full-size PCIe Mini card expansion slots are reserved in the PPC-F series (Depends on models). With a wide variety of IEI PCIe Mini card solutions, it is flexible and easy to add extra functions in the system. PPC-F-Intro-2017-V10