Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Industrial System IVS-100-BT-2017-V10 Part No. Description IVS-100-BT-E3/2G-R10 Fanless embedded system with Intel® Atom™ E3826 1.46 GHz processor, 7W TDP, pre-installed 2 GB DDR3L memory, two GbE LAN, one HDMI, one VGA, one 2.5” SATA HDD bay, on-board GPS, RoHS Item Part No. Description Power adapter IVIPOWER-4PIN-R10 Power adapter with 4-pin transfer cable, RoHS Cigarette lighter power cable 32002-004000-100-RS green LED, (B) MOLEX 5557-0400 P=4.2, RoHS OBD-II cable 32025-000300-100-RS Round cable, OBD-II cable, 2000 mm, 24 AWG, (A) OBD-II 16P male, (B) D-sub 9P female, one piece package with label, RoHS J1939/FMS cable 32025-000400-100-RS Round cable, J1939 cable, 2000 mm, 22 AWG, (A)J1939 9P male, (B)D-9P female, RoHS OS: Windows Embedded 7 (DVD-ROM) IVS-100-WES7E-R10 OS image with Windows® Embedded Standard 7 E for IVS-100 Series, DVD-ROM, RoHS IVS-WIFI-KIT01-R10 IVS-3G-KIT01-R10 F260 3G module, BT V2.1, 1 x Antenna, RoHs UHF module IVS-UHF01-R10 UHF RFID patch antenna, 915 MHz, only for United States UHF RFID antenna (Patch Antenna 915 MHz) AVL-2000PLUS-FCC01-R10 UHF RFID antenna module, patch antenna, 915 MHz, 8.5dBi, with RFID cable, LMR195, 10000 mm, SMA PLUG, RoHS 4-channel video capture card IVS-SC01-R10 Video capture card, PCIe Mini card with 4-channel video capture, SC330N4 MC, RoHS IVI-DR-R10 IVI dead reckoning box, USB output Item P/N Qty Description ACC power cable 32002-001900-100-RS 1 Round cable, power cable, 3000 mm, 16 AWG, (A) MOLEX 5557-04P P=4.2, SHANGHAI YING YU, RoHS GPS/GSM antenna 32506-000100-100-RS 1 Integration antenna, GPS/GSM, RG 174, 5000 mm/5000 mm, PPF-5423SA5X-999, magnetic mount: Utility CD 1 User manual and driver CD DC Input ODB-II 2 x GbE SDHC Card Slot Line-in HDMI VGA 2 x RS-232 Video Capture (Optional) GPS Antenna Line-out Power Switch 3G Antenna (Optional) Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Antenna Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Antenna GPIO & RS-422/485 4 x USB 3.0 4 x UHF RFID Antenna (Optional)