All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Industrial Computing Solutions Video Capture Solutions BNC BNC HDC-502E BNC 100 meters HD-CCTV1 SDI Using SDI for security allows transmission of 720p and 1080p resolution over a coaxial cable. HD-CCTV2 Capture Card Solutions-2017-V10 HDC-502E Camcorder #2 SDI IN CH2 SDI Monitor #2 SDI LOOP CH2 SDI IN CH1 SDI total solutions Nowadays, more and more equipments are equipped with SDI output for television studios and other broadcasting applications. SDI is a high capacity interface used as a way of exporting uncompressed digital video in real time. That makes it ideal for live feed productions (such as a live TV show), as well as for editing and monitoring video at the highest possible quality. Since SDI is designed primarily for professional use, it is also compatible with a variety of video devices found in broadcast studios, including monitors, tape decks and switchers. SDI exports uncompressed SD and HD video over a coaxial cable. HD-CCTV1 camera V.S. IP camera SDI (Serial Digital Interface) is a family of video interfaces used for broadcast-grade video. A related standard known nominal data rate of 1.485 G-bit/s. IEI SDI product HDC-502E is designed with 2 channels SDI input, 2 channels SDI loop and 1 channel SDI output for high quality and long distance signal transmission. It achieves this through a 100 m (HD-SDI)/300 m (SD-SDI) coaxial cable without compression and with no data loss for professional studio, broadcast and transportation video applications. surveillance. The HD-CCTV camera with SDI interface provides long distance transmission compared to analog camera and IP camera. The advantage is SDI interface can transmit high- cable. In other words, users can enjoy 1080p HD video over existing analog system without any changes. HDC-502E SDI-In Uncompressed raw data for editing SDI-Loop SDI-In SDI-Loop H.264 video encoder can be the part of streaming server in the application for broadcasting Preview CH1 CH2 STILL FRZ Output CH3 CH4 OUT1 OUT2 HD/SD-SDI Recorder (HDC-502E) 42” LCD TV/Monitor 1 SDI 2 SDI 3 HDMI HDMI SDI Master Audio Mix Video Mixer Preview for Video Mixer H.264 Encoder/ Streaming Server (HDC-502E) VOD LAN Cloud Cloud