w w w. ie iwo r l d . co m About IEI-2017-V11 Chipset Full Size Half-Size Main Board Embedded Board CPU Module ISA Mini ITX 5.25” NOVA EPIC NANO 3.5” WAFER HYPER COM Express PC 104 Q7 R-Serier gKINO-DMF KINO-DA750-i2 KINO-AA750-i2 G-Series SoC KINO-SE-i2 KINO-KBN-i2 NANO-SE-i1 NANO-KBN-i1 WAFER-KBN-i1 HYPER-KBN PM-LX PM-LX2 LX IOWA-LX NANO-LX WAFER-LX/WAFER-LX2  AMD Solutions COM Express Q7 ICE-DB-T10/ICE-DB-T6R/ICE-DB-T6/ICE-DB-9S iQ7-DB-MATX/iQ7-DB-MITX  Base Board Solutions New Products in Red Product Line Specifications Product Name Full-Size SBC PICMG 1.3 PCI + PCIe (Server Grade) SPCIE-xxxx (Server Grade) PCI + PCIe (Graphic Grade) PCIE-xxxx (Graphic Grade) PICMG 1.0 PCI+ISA WSB-xxxx ROCKY-xxxx Half-Size SBC Half-Size SBC PCIe HPCIE-xxxx PCI + PCIe PICOe-xxxx PCI + ISA PCISA-xxxx Pure-ISA IOWA-xxxx Industrial Motherboard ATX 305mm x 244mm IMBA-xxxx Micro ATX 244mm x 244mm IMB-xxxx Mini-ITX 170mm x 170mm KINO-xxxx Embedded Motherboard 5.25” 203mm x 146mm NOVA-xxxx EPIC EPIC 165mm x 115mm NANO-xxxx 3.5” 146mm x 102mm WAFER-xxxx PICO-ITX 100mm x 72mm HYPER-xxxx PC104/PCI 104 95mm x 95mm PM-xxxx Computer On Module ETX ETX 2.8, ETX 3.0 IEM-xxxx Com Express Type 2, 6, 10 ICE-xxxx Qseven Rev. 2.0 IQ7-xxx Innovation fulfills many different needs. Customers can easily select products by form factor, platform, or even main chipset provider. Meet market demands with our large selection of products.  Intel® Solutions Segment Chipset Full Size Half-Size Main Board Embedded Board CPU Module PICMG 1.3 PICMG 1.0 PICMG 1.3 PCI/ PCIExpress PCI/ISA PCI ISA ATX Micro ATX Mini ITX 5.25" NOVA EPIC NANO 3.5" WAFER HYPER COM Express PC 104 Q7 Server D1500 IMBA-BDE C604 IMBA-C604EP C236 SPCIE-C2360 HPCIE-C236 IMBA-C2360-i2 C226 SPCIE-C2260-i2 IMBA-C2260-i2 C216 SPCIE-C2160 IMBA-C2160 IMB-C2160 C206 SPCIE-C2060 IMBA-C2060 IMB-C2060 Desktop Q170 PCIE-Q170 HPCIE-Q170 IMBA-Q170-i2 KINO-AQ170 H110 IMBA-H110 IMB-H110 Q87 PCIE-Q870-i2 IMBA-Q870-i2 IMB-Q870-i2 KINO-AQ870 H81 PCIE-H810 WSB-H810 IMBA-H810 IMB-H810-i2 KINO-DH810 Q77 IMBA-Q770 IMB-Q770 Q67 PCIE-Q670 IMBA-Q670 IMB-Q670 KINO-AQ670 B65 PICOe-B650 H61 PCIE-H610 WSB-H610 IMBA-H610 IMB-H610A/B KINO-DH610 KINO-AH611 KINO-AH612 Q57 PCIE-Q57A G45/ICH10 865G/ICH5 815E/ICH2 Mobile QM170/CM236 KINO-DCM236 KINO-DQM170 ULT3 tKINO-ULT3 NANO-ULT3 ICE-ULT3 ULT2 WAFER-ULT2 ULT WAFER-ULT QM87 KINO-DQM871 NANO-QM871-i1 ICE-QM871 HM85 QM77 KINO-QM770 NANO-QM770 ICE-QM770 NM70 WAFER-NM701-847 QM67 KINO-QM670 HM65 PICOe- HM650 NANO-HM650 NANO-HM651 QM57 KINO-QM57A HM55 KINO-HM551 Atom N3350/N4200/E3900 Series (SoC) KINO-DAL tKINO-AL NANO-ALW2 WAFER-AL iQ7-QL N3000 series (SoC) tKINO-BW WAFER-BW HYPER-BW J1900/N2930/E3800 series (SoC) PCISA-BT eKINO-BT KINO-ABT-i2 KINO-DBT NANO-BT-W2 NANO-BT-i1 WAFER-BT-W2 WAFER-BT-i1 HYPER-BT ICE-BT-T10 ICE-BT-T6 iQ7-BT-W2 iQ7-BT D2550/NM10 (ICH10R) KINO- CV-D25501 NANO-CV-D25501 NANO-CV-D25502 WAFER-CV-D25501 WAFER-CV-D25502 ICE-CV-D25501 ICE-CV-D25502 Z650/SM35 D510/ICH8M D525/ICH8M WSB- PV-D5251 PICOe- PV-D5251 PCISA- PV-D5251 KINO- PV-D5252 NOVA- PV-D5251 NANO-PV-D5251 NANO-PV-D5252 WAFER-PV-D5252 ICE-PV-D5251 PM-PV-D5251 Total Platform Solutions IEI SBC Product Lines