4K Video Capture Card HSRC-302E IEI Smart Healthcare Solution All-in-one Medical Grade Panel PC User-friendly-oriented design is always the core value of us. IEI all-in-one medical grade panel PC series offers three product lines to accommodate all heathcare needs. In addition, the products we designed support various communication functions, such as Bluetooth, 1D/2D barcode scanner, RFID, SCR and MSR. These units can provide clinician personnel conveniences and increase the working Industrial Mobile Devices IEI mobile series products help daily healthcare jobs become more flexible and convenient. The highly integrated mobile devices can be used in ward round, specimen tracking, medicine tracking, patient identification or ambulance application, etc. Both Windows and Android OS are supported in addition to Linux OS provided by our professional software team. The product lines we have are shown on the right. Medical Embedded System As the leading embedded SBC provider, IEI continues to extend the product footprint from general purpose to vertical market. Our strong knowledge of market and technology innovation offers long-term feature for different applications. Our medical grade box PC can be used in operating room, nursing station, dialysis system or examination center, etc. Video Capture Solutions in endoscopy surgery, ultrasound scanner, microscope or thermography. We also provide complete software solutions such as software development kit (SDK), and flexible open, architecture allowing easy integration of camera, video signal processing, storage, and video management/security. Medical Cart Computer POC-W22A Tablet ICEFIRE 2 Tablet ICECARE Medical Embedded System HTB-100 PDA MODAT Security Security Tracking Face Recognition Recognition Antiriot Monitor Plate Recognition Solutions Smart Healthcare Solution-2017-V10