Optional Peripherals Automation Control Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions ORing Network Communication Network Communication-2017-V10 Customer-Oriented R&D ORing’s innovations are geared to meet customers’ needs. ORing’s R&D team insists on developing stable, reliable, well-tested, and cost-effective industrial networking products. ORing R&D team accounts for one-third of the total workforce and has a vast knowledge and experience in the industry. ORing’s R&D team work closely with project managers to develop innovative products based on customers’ requirements. Apart from standard products, ORing’s R&D team also conduct customized product design and in-house testing to ensure all products meet high quality requirements. Customers’ feedback will be forwarded to our R&D team so they can make As a global leading brand, ORing Industrial Networking Corp. was established by a group of experienced industrial software and hardware engineers in 2005. Since its establishment, ORing has focused on the innovation of Industrial networking products and has developed a complete product portfolio, such as industrial-grade media converters, Ethernet switches, wireless routers and device servers. ORing has providing evidence of product quality and regulatory compliance. Our numerous products have been successfully deployed in various applications throughout the world, such as railway/highway monitoring, intelligent transportation systems, building automation, etc. ORing is committed to providing world-class products, strong technical support, and the best after-sale service. ORing Overview Product Coverage Designed for Rugged Excellence. Product Applications ORing Industrial Networking Corp. offers a wide variety of products for all of your industrial networking needs. ORing's complete product portfolio consists of industrial Ethernet switches, industrial media converters, industrial device servers, industrial wireless access points, industrial cellular VPN routers, accessories, and network management software. You can find the right products for you easily based on network speeds (Gigabit, fast, etc.), mounting options (rack-mount, DIN- rail, wall-mount, as well as other special-installation types), data transmission types (regular Ethernet, weatherproof Ethernet, PoE, wireless LAN, etc.), applications (railway, oil & gas, etc.), and many more.