IEIMobile Solutions Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions 6.5” Teaching Pendant Robot-TP-65M Robot Controller Mobile Display Key switch (manual, automatic, teach) Arrow/Cancel/OK/Speed key to control 6-axis robot arm Emergency stop button (dual circuit) LED Status Indicators 2-contact 3-position (OFF-ON-OFF) enabling switch with rubber boot Non-slip Design Rubber edge protectors Hook Back Side 6.5” control terminal, easy to use - 800 nits high luminance control terminal with touchscreen to present its graphical user interface. - 6-meter long all-in-one cable allows easy installation - Ergonomic body design, easy to operate Durable construction - Completely dust and splash proof (IP 64) design - 1 meter drop resistance - 0°C~50°C extended operating temperature Programming with 33-key membrane keypad and safety functions Emergency stop, 3-position dead-man switch, mode select switch with key Robot-TP-65M-2017-V10