All-in-One System Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions PowerSupply/ Peripherals Power Consumption Electronic Device mW 200 1.5 300 400 500 A B PC Typical Power Consumption while off Car Radio/Stereo Typical Power Consumption while off C Car PC with IDDV-6304140A 500mW A 5mW B 1.5mW C 'Load dump' transients occur when a battery are disconnected from the charging system during charge. The alternator, with a finite response time of 40ms to 400ms, generates power with nowhere to go. This damages electronic devices. Duration Voltage V m Second 13.5 100 100 200 300 400 500 Peak up to 130V 12V System Load Dump Transients EMI sprays and RFI sparking is everywhere. Electrical transients run zapping embedded electronic components. The electronic components located in a vehicle must withstand 600V transients and “load dump” situations. 130 V 333 Times + - ACC ON Ignition MB On/Off Timing Mode Selector Stereo Amplifier Enable IR Sensor LED MB On/Off Button System On/Off Switch IDDV-6304140A 20-pin ATX 5Vsb 5Vsb Ignition=Off The IDDV-6304140A cuts off all the power rails including 5VSB. The internal µP power consumption keeps less than 1.5mW. Ignition=On (ACC On) The IDDV-6304140A waits for 10 seconds then turns on the 5VSB rail. Auto On (jumper selectable) - After 1 second, the µP sends an “ON” signal to the motherboard via the two wires connected to the motherboard’s on/off pins. Manual On (jumper selectable) - Nothing happens until the power button on the IDDV-6304140A is pushed. Internal µP Control 5VSB On/Off Ignition=On During driving: acts like a regular PC, turns on/off anytime by pushing the on/off button. Ignition=Soft Off The IDDV-6304140A waits for “10~40” seconds (jumper selectable), and then µP sends a signal to turn off the motherboard. The computer should turn off gracefully during the shutdown procedure. During this period, normal power will be available for the system to perform normal shutdown. Ignition=Hard Off 5VSB is still available for 0 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 hour, or never (jumper selectable) before being cut off by µP. At this stage, the system will keep minimum power consumption so that the system won't drain the car battery. IDDV-6304140A-2017-V10 Standard ATX Power Supply will Drain the Car Battery! Dead Battery