Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Industrial System Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Healthcare Panel PC Solution Medical IT for general healthcare Medical devices for clinical Medical Panel PC Medical Embedded System Medical Battery System E-Medical Cart Tablet PC Industrial PDA Capture Card Peripheral (such as handheld 2D barcode scanner ) PC-ECG If you need this product, please contact BriteMED Medical Monitor Providing better Services from both IEI and BriteMED IEI is a leading company provides the industrial computer-based boards and system products that could be applied in factory automation, retail management, security, transportation, etc. IEI promises to provide our own-brand continually as well as serving ODM vertical markets to offer complete, professional and flexible services. Learning from various medical product designs and manufacturing experiences, we found that the medical grade computer locates in a highly customized and professional product segment. For this reason, we planed to expand the market share in the medical field, and our medical business unit was then separated from the mother company to become an independent company called BriteMED on August 1st in 2009. Population aging and technology approved day by day are the worldwide phenomenons which make the healthcare application become friendlier, such as healthcare digitally (paper-less and automatic data collection), healthcare remotely and healthcare mobility. To provide our customers better services, we divide R&D works into two parts - by IEI and by BriteMED. 2009 Advanced Services Healthcare Panel Solution-2017-V10