All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions Industrial Computer Chassis Description EBC-3200-R10 optional modules Optional Modules Description EBCKIT-01-R10/PCI-HDD EBCKIT-02-R10/PCIe-HDD EBCKIT-06-R10/PCIe16-HDD Designs for Mini-ITX SBC with single voltage input EBC-3200 EBC-3200-2017-V10 Recommended CPU Cooler tKINO-BW Fanless KINO-DQM170 KINO-DH810 KINO-DBT Fanless eKINO-BT Fanless KINO-DA750-i2 N/A CF-989B-RS KINO-KBN/SE-i2 KINO-DQM871-i1 KINO-DH610 KINO-QM770 CF-989A-RS KINO-QM670 CF-989A-RS KINO-QM57A CF-989A-RS, CF-989B-RS KINO-HM551 CF-989A-RS KINO-CV/D2550/N26001 Fanless KINO-PV-D4252/D5252 Description 32000-000002-RS European standard power cord, 1830mm 32000-000025-RS American standard power cord, 1830mm 63040-010060-110-RS Model Name EBC-3200 Platform Case only Chassis Color Black Motherboard Motherboard Model Refer to KINO Series Storage Hard Drive PCI/PCIe Buttons Power switch Reset Indicators Power LED Error LED Mounting Desktop, wall mount, VESA mount Operating Temperature