All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Industrial Computing Solutions Video Capture Solutions Document Handling and Sorting The ITDB-100 Series 2D barcode readers are perfect for sorting documents, envelopes, and more. Pharmaceuticals The ITDB-100 Series 2D barcode readers provide accurate reading of multiple code formats in a single view. Packaging The ITDB-100 Series 2D barcode readers are ideally suited for to a wide range of packaging applications. ITDB-100 Series-2017-V10 Select an ITDB device Quick setup & ready to decode Report IEI with the saved image IEI barcode quick-setup solution allows you to easily and quickly setup your ITDB Series barcode reader through an Android phone or tablet that has IEI barcode reader APK installed. Scan this code with your phone to go to the Android Market and download the app for FREE.