All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Industrial Computer Chassis Industrial Computing Solutions Video Capture Solutions The video capture box performs high video quality with up to 1920x1080 30p recording format. With encode chipset the capture box can realtime compress the HDMI input data to H.264 format and easily record without occupying CPU resource and performance and save your computer space at the same time. Moreover, the compressed video can also be streamed to the Internet. MPEG-4/AVC With detailed instruction in the manual, users can easily setup the capture box with driver and AP, and the AP interface is easy to operate. Setup Easily The capture box supports bypass function which includes two features: 1. The source from the HDMI port can be simultaneously and fully displayed in the bypass screen. 2. If the user chooses to record it, other tasks can also be performed and viewed in the same monitor without being affected, such as watching movie or playing video game with low latency. Preview Easily bypass SDK and source code are provided to users for further development. SDK factory conference room to perform lots of tasks, such as: 1. Job training recording. 2. Online video meeting recording/ Meeting minutes recording. 3. PowerPoint presentation recording. factory production line for: 1. Machine operation recording to check if any abnormal conditions 2. SOP process recording to improve the yield rate. You can power on your capture box with the computer through a USB cable. It is very convenient since you The box is so light and small that you can carry it anywhere to perform video recording. Situation 1: record screen activities of your notebook/ PC/embedded box Situation 2: Capture images from the video input device USB HDMI HDMI USB HDMI in HDMI out (bypass) Monitor Notebook/PC/Panel PC/Embedded Box HDB-301L USB HDMI HDMI USB HDB-301L HDMI in HDMI out (bypass) Video input source Monitor Notebook/PC/Panel PC/Embedded Box HDMI input port to your HDMI input port to IEI output port. Connect your notebook with the capture box through a USB cable. Connect IEI embedded system with the capture box through a USB cable. input port. input port. HDB-301L-2017-V10