All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions Industrial Computer Chassis As a leading hardware provider in embedded SBC, IEI offers complete industrial computer chassis from ATX/microATX/Mini- Model Name ECN-380A Series ECN-360A Series ECW-281B Series NANO Series (EPIC SBC)* NANO Series (EPIC SBC)* WAFER Series (3.5” SBC)* *Please refer to the ECN & ECW datasheets for the NANO & WAFER support list. Chassis-Intro-2017-v10 Model Name EBC-3220 EBC-3200 EBC-3100 / EBC-3000 KINO Series (Mini-ITX)* KINO Series (Mini-ITX)* KINO Series (Mini-ITX)* Model Name EBC-2200 EBC-2100 ECB-1100 NANO Series (EPIC SBC)* NANO Series (EPIC SBC)* WAFER Series (3.5” SBC) *Please refer to the EBC datasheets for the NANO support list. Model Name RACK-1150G 1U RACK-220G 2U 6-slot RACK-360 4U 14-slot Full-size CPU card Full-size CPU card microATX, Mini-ITX Full-size CPU card ATX ,microATX, Mini-ITX Model Name ECA-300 ECA-200 ECA-100 ATX/mATX mATX ATX/mATX Model Name PAC-125G 10-slot PAC-700G 7-slot PAC-53GH 3-slot Full-size CPU card Half-size CPU card Half-size CPU card