w w w. i ei wor l d.c o m About IEI-2017-V10 A minimum of 1 DUT must be tested There must be no function error No any selected component temperature is higher than the maximum specified components specification. The test result of all the selected point should meet the specified DUT components thermal specification. The operating DUT power input is fixed on AC 110 V or DC 24V voltage. Minimum testing DUT configuration: highest speed CPU, add-on card, SPS, HDD, FDD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-R/W, max. RAM memory. ICP Reliability and Environment Lab IEI uses the following thermal measurement criteria for selecting the critical monitor points of thermal testing. Revealing the complete thermal Passmark Burn-In Test Program V6.0 IP 65 Testing Drop Testing Thermal Testing Safety Testing Power Consumption Testing Vibration Testing ESD Testing Temperature Testing Better temperature control guarantees more reliable system operation in the long run AVIO Neo Thermo TVS-700N Testing Equipment Comprehensive quality assurance tests are performed on all IEI products throughout the product development cycle. Testing is initiated in the research and development phase of a product and continued throughout the manufacturing phase. Quality assurance testing throughout the product development cycle ensures all IEI products to provide stable performance in the industrial environments. Test Software