Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Industrial System IEI transportation series is divided into three categories for different markets: in-vehicle, railway and marine. All these products have passed harsh vibration and shock test and can withstand in extreme temperature. This series allows wide voltage input and features multiple communication options. In addition, our products are in fanless design suitable for various markets and with rich I/O for different applications. Railway Features • Wide working temperature • Support DVI and VGA dual display • • Dual SIM slot • M12 connector Marine Features • Isolation protection ports • Three independent displays • Full range dimming • DNV, IEC 60945 4th, IACS-E10, • IP 4X protection SBOX Series IRS Series Transportation Series Solution-2017-V10 Security Control Video Surveillance Safety System Marine Environment Video Surveillance Video Surveillance Fleet Management Passenger Information Outdoor Signage Vehicle Diagnostics In-Vehicle Features • Wide working temperature • Wide DC input range • • OBD-II function • Multi wireless communication • DNV, IEC 60945 4th, IACS-E10, • IP 4x protection IVS & IKARPC Series