All-in-One System Power Supply/ Peripherals Open Frame Monitor Video Capture Solutions Industrial Computing Solutions Industrial Computer Chassis EBC-3100 One 3.5” hard drive, one slim type optical drive capacity EBC-3100-2017-V10 1U AC Input Products Model Watt AT/ ATX Input Voltage Output Current Range +5 V +12 V -12 V +5 Vsb ACE- A627A ATX PFC VAC (0.5A min.) 18A (0.5A min.) (1A) (1A) 0.8A 80% ACE- A618A 180W ATX PFC VAC 14 A (0.3A min.) (0.3A min.) 14 A (1.5A min.) 0.5 A Model Name EBC-3100 Platform Case only Chassis Color Black Chassis Construction Heavy duty metal with plastic front panel Motherboard Motherboard Model Refer to KINO Series Storage Hard Drive ODD Power Power Input Power Model Mounting Desktop, wall mount Operating Temperature Description EBC-3100-R11/ACE-A627A EBC-3100-R11/ACE-A618A Recommended CPU Cooler KINO-AQ170 KINO-ABT Fanless KINO-AA750-i2 CF-989B-RS KINO-AQ870 CF-1150SC-RS KINO-AQ670 KINO-AH611 KINO-AH612