Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Industrial System uIBX-200-VX800 VIA® Eden™ ULV 1 GHz/500 MHz processor Supports MPEG2, WMV9/VC1 decoding Internal SATA connector (SATA DOM) The uIBX-200-VX800 has all the essential functions to work as a thin client on the production line. Operators can read the assembly SOP and search for part numbers online, get constant production schedule updates and other instructions from the management center. During production, the component barcodes can be collected by the barcode scanner and updated to the production server either by batch or via LAN or Wi-Fi connection. Webcam can also be installed to collect image data during the production process. 500g only Ultra Compact Size Stock sever DATA transport by LAN SOP or part number search Webcam Barcode reader Barcode printer SOP uIBXVK-200B VK-75100B 75mm 75mm 75mm Mount it on the back of an LCD monitor to save even more space and create an all-in-one PC at the same time. Secure the VK-75100B and panel using screws. C. VESA mount 100 B. VESA mount 75 Screws Step.1 Install the mount kit on the back of the monitor. Step.3 Step.2 Assemble the uIBX-200, stand and panel. The direction of the installation can be adjusted for different applications. A. Wall mount VESA 75 support. Easy to mount TOP or BOTTOM side. uIBX-200 can be mounted directly on the wall with VESA 75 mounting kit AFLWK-12 + Fanless On-board memory CF Slot Lockable Door Wi-Fi uIBX-200-VX800-2017-V10