Optional Peripherals Automation Control ORing Network Communication Healthcare Panel PC Solution Automation Panel Solutions IEIMobile Solutions Industrial System IDS-200-A70M-2017-V10 The IDS-200 has a SIM card slot for 3G/LTE wireless connection. Users can deploy the IDS-200 in outdoor environments for easy wireless data transmission. The IDS-200 contains an SD card slot, allowing users to install and change media contents easily. SIM Card SD Card S/PDIF is called “Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format”. It is a digital audio output and its quality is much better than analog audio. S/PDIF is based on the professional AES3 interconnect standard. It is widely applied in Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound. S/PDIF 3D Acceleration • Full DirectX® 11 support, including full speed 32-bit floating point per component operations • Shader Model 5 • OpenCL™ 1.1 support • OpenGL 4.2 support UVD 3.2 dedicated hardware video decoder • H.264, MPEG4 Part 2, VC-1 and MPEG2 decode6 • Simultaneous dual HD source decode VCE (Video Compression Engine) 1.0 • Hardware assisted encoding of HD video streams • H.264 (baseline + CABAC) 1080p at 60 fps • Real time transcoding Ultimate video solution Support up to 4 displays Great graphics processing Fulfill a variety of hardware decoder Designed for high graphics performance Digital Signage Entertainment Video Wall Gaming The AMD® Embedded R-series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) combines AMD® high performance CPU technology and powerful AMD® Radeon graphics technology onto a single chip. The IDS-200 contains an R-260H APU, balanced with TDP 17W power and Radeon HD 7500G graphics. It is the best solution for graphics processing. The IDS-200 supports AMD's SLS (Single Large Surface) technology which allows four independent HDMI display outputs and a variety of video wall screen combinations. It is the best choice to implement in digital signage or video wall applications. Each screen Max. resolution 1920x1080 Max. resolution 3840x2160 Max. resolution 1920x4320 *HDMI 2 and 4 2 4 When deploying 4 independent video outputs, the monitors connected to HDMI 2 and HDMI 4 connectors must be identical (with the same brand, model number and size). The IDS-200 has one easy-to-install HDD bay that supports 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s HDD.