Smart Transportation Solution-2017-V10 IEI Smart Transportation Solution IEI has for decades been dedicated to industrial automation. IEI smart transportation solutions focus on railway, vehicle, and marine intelligent solutions. Smart transportation helps enterprise and people to improve efficiency during the journey from varied data acquisition, analysis, and precise prediction. Furthermore, with real-time streaming NVR (Network Video Recorder) logs, critical moments can be recorded when accident happens, therefore enhancing safety of drivers and passengers on the move. IEI has a complete line of transportation products which are fanless and designed to resist vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures. IEI's transportation products support IRIS solution which is an easy way to remotely control and manage all your devices. With the increasing rate of motor vehicle, the surveillance application is becoming more importation for the city. Therefore, IEI IVS Series and IKAPC Series combine all communication systems in our device to provide powerful fleet management. In addition, road surveillance can be applied through the IVS Series to ensure passenger and traffic safety. With these features provided by our in-vehicle systems, enterprises are allowed to track vehicles through the system. New generation digital signage is used in a more efficient way to get more passengers’ attention. IEI offers the IDS Series for digital signage application, which can be integrated with taxi, bus, and train. The IDS Series can easily provide real-time messages, traffic information, and advertisement to passengers at the public transportation station. The IDS Series is designed with multiple independent displays, and the iRIS module can be installed to achieve remote management from a variety of devices simultaneously. Fleet Management Application Advertising System Application In-Vehicle System Solutions Railway System Solutions